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Idrottsskadecentrum Physiotherapists and personal trainers in Vasastan, Stockholm

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Welcome to ISC

For me it was running. Runnning fast. As a junior athlete I was part of the Swedish Sprint movement, but my own training started much earlier. Exercise and sports have always been a natural part of my life. But sport - especially sport at a high level - put a strain on your body, and I learned from thousands of hours of training how to best take care of my body.

During my own career a huge interest in the body's functionality and physiology emerged, so I took for me what was an obvious step - education - so that I could now help others on their way to an active and healthy life.

Through many years as an athlete and therapist, I have learned to recognize and treat injuries. I want to function, evolve, and optimize myself and my body. And that I also wish for you. Welcome to Idrottsskadecentrum - what happens here is for real.

- Sam Soheil
Physiotherapist and founder of Idrottsskadecentrum

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We are open every day between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. Below you will find our most popular treatments. Should you feel unsure about which treatment to choose, feel free to contact us or book your first visit below.

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About Idrottsskadecentrum

Idrottsskadecentrum specializes in diagnostics and treatment of sport injuries. We are competent in sports medicine, orthopedic medicine and physiotherapy, and our network of partners supports you for faster treatment and better availability. Our main focus in on sports injuries and injuries caused by low levels of mobility. Welcome!

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How we work

3 steps towards becoming completely rehabilitated.
Read more about our process in helping you with your own training.

1. Functional analysis

What causes your discomfort? Is the main problem where you experience the pain? We perform physical tests to find the root of the problem.

2. Treatment

After testing, we diagnose and start treatment. This may consist of physiotherapy, training, rehabilitation and electric therapy.

3. Training on your own

Together we find exercises that extend your regular training and prevent similar injuries from occuring again.


Rode is awesome! I had problems with pain in the lower legs while running for quite some time, without being able to sort out the cause of the pain. After analysis and only a few treatments and with the help of some additional exercises, my problems are now gone. Thank you Rode and ISC!

- David

On my first visit to ISC, it took me five minutes to feel right at home. The fact the other clients greet you and help you during your training testifies to the culture they have created at this clinic. This is completely different from what I have experienced in the past.

- Ramin

Sam is not only professional within his field, but he is also super inspiring and has pushed me - a skinny runner - to try other forms of exercise. On every visit I enjoy lifting weights, building muscle, and getting answers to all my lingering questions about sports medicine. I always leave ISC stronger and feeling positive about training.

- Tove

Who we are

Sam Soheil


Personal training, sports medicine

Sam's life has always circled around training and competition at an elite level since a young age. Today he runs Idottsskadecentrum on Kungsholmen with the vision to treat his clients the way he himself would wish to be treated at other clinics with his own injuries. Among the first things you will notice about Sam is his huge drive and his will to help others. In his profession as a physiotherapist and coach, he is being constantly inspired to find new ways to help even more people to continue or start an active lifestyle.

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